Streaks on Mars

Lineae, Dark Slope Streaks, RSL,  Seasonal Streaks, Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars.

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has one view“They are regarded as the strongest evidence for the possibility of liquid water on the surface of modern Mars.”

2001 Mars Odyssey has another view.

A possible mode of formation of these features is the down slope movement of a block/rock that disturbs the surface dust revealing the darker rock beneath









Dawn too. Bright streaks are visible along some of the crater’s walls

Oudam Drill Hole

Drill Hole on Mars at Oudam
New Drill Hole in the Oudam bedrock target

On sol 1361 Curiosity drilled into the veiny  Martian bedrock of the Murray formation. This is the 12th full depth drill hole by Curiosity since landing on Mars. This hole was drilled into a bedrock target named Oudam.

The bedrock at this site seems pretty stable. At other drill sites the rock has moved and Martian soil has push out from under the rock. There is a place in the upper mid-left of this image where soil seems to have vibrated out of a crack at the side of the bedrock.